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This is easier said than done.  Much of the work that goes into preparing a case for trial is getting to know our clients, their families, their friends — what makes them tick?  But this is only half of it.  You also have to get to know the wrongdoer just as well in order to determine their motivation for careless or intentional conduct.  Oftentimes, the wrongdoer is not even visible — it can be and often is a corporate culture of profits over worker or consumer safety.  The Trial Lawyers at McAleer Law work diligently to discovery the real story in a case.

A lawsuit has been filed against  bar owner, Yassine Enterprises, by the family of a young woman who was severely injured in a vehicle-pedestrian collision. The family alleged in its lawsuit that the two bars owned by the company over served alcohol to the 22-year-old driver of the vehicle at fault. According to investigators, the driver of the vehicle drove while intoxicated and hit the young woman, the pedestrian, who was left with severe physical and brain damages after the crash.

The parents of the young woman filed the civil suit seeking damages from Yassine Enterprises. They accuse the bars of serving alcohol to the driver of the vehicle despite his obvious intoxication. He had been drinking, according to the lawsuit, from about 11:50 p.m. until about 2 a.m. The driver was served alcohol at two bars, owned by Yassine Enterprises, during that time and was allowed to drive away in a car in an intoxicated condition.

It is further alleged that as the driver approached an intersection in his car, he ran a red light and slammed into the young woman and two of her friends; the driver fled the scene and was later caught. The young woman struggled for life for three weeks in a hospital in a coma. After coming out of the coma, she underwent extensive physical therapy, but was left permanently disabled with little short-term memory and trouble communicating.

The parents of Frederick S. “Joe” Kareta III, who was run over and killed while checking the mail at his aunt’s home in New York have sued the driver of the car that struck him and the golf club where they allege the driver had been drinking alcohol.

Claiming $3 million in damages, Kareta’s parents, Frederick Kareta Jr. and Kathryn Kareta filed a lawsuit in April, claiming Orchards Club LLC served too much alcohol to the drunk driver who killed 22-year-old Joe.

In Georgia, when a provider of alcoholic beverages serves someone who is noticeably intoxicated, knowing that person may soon be driving, that provider can be held responsible for injuries caused.   This is what is known as a Dram Shop action.