Establishing Liability in Georgia Weather-Related Car Accidents

Georgia does not experience many incidents of winter weather; however, that is all the more reason that car accidents are more frequent during these times. The United States Department of Transportation reports that every year, over 135,000 people suffer injuries, and over 1600 people die in weather-related accidents. Fatal accidents are most likely to occur during the winter season when ice or snow is present. Drivers must take proper steps to avoid a Georgia weather-related car accident. Georgia drivers that fail to do so may face liability for the injuries that their negligence causes.

Although some accidents may not be anyone’s fault, many accidents can be avoided if motorists engage in safe driving practices. Even though blizzards are rare in Georgia, many regions experience snow every year, and the mountainous areas experience frequent snowfalls totaling almost 20 inches a year. Accumulated snow can pose many hazards to Georgia drivers and passengers, especially those that do not have experience navigating these weather conditions. Many drivers do not reduce their speed, and this can result in a loss of control and collisions. Additionally, many drivers fail to keep a safe following distance, and this can result in difficulty braking in time and subsequently rear-ending other drivers.

Ice and freezing rain are much more common than snow in the state, and these conditions are often more dangerous than snow. Inexperienced and unsafe drivers should take precautions before getting on the road. Precautions include things such as, making sure they clear their windshields and mirrors, have appropriate tires, and working headlights.

When drivers fail to modify their behavior during inclement weather, they may be liable for injuries that they cause. Georgia statute O.C.G.A. § 40-6-180 requires that individuals cannot drive their vehicle at speed higher than what is reasonable and prudent. Further, drivers should evaluate traffic conditions and potential hazards. Injuries resulting from these accidents often include broken bones, fractures, comas, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. In response, to the dangers associated with winter weather driving, national news reports indicate that various cities’ emergency response teams are advising residents to evaluate whether travel is necessary during these winter events. They suggest alternate forms of transportation or delaying trips until it is safe to travel.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Georgia Car Accident?

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