How to Avoid Being Involved in a Pedestrian Accident in Atlanta

Atlanta has been experiencing robust growth for decades, which has been a boon for the city’s cultural landscape, job market and entertainment options. The downside is that with such high population growth comes a significant increase in car and pedestrian traffic, increasing the potential for dangerous accidents and adding to Atlanta’s already precarious traffic situation. Following these simple suggestions can help decrease the likelihood that you will be involved in a deadly pedestrian accident, and help make the city a safer place for both drivers and citizens on foot. If you are involved in a serious pedestrian accident, turn to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta at McAleer Law, who is available to give helpful advice and could let you know what your next steps should be.

Guidelines for Pedestrians to Follow

There’s no way to completely remove yourself from danger when you’re walking near a busy street, so it’s important for all pedestrians to follow the laws of the road and avoid putting yourself in additional peril.

When you’re on foot, you should always walk on the sidewalk and avoid stepping into the road whenever possible. Crossing the street should only be attempted at intersections. Not only that, it’s important to stay within the designated crosswalks and always wait for appropriate traffic signals before entering the road.

Looking both ways before stepping into an intersection isn’t just for kids, it’s something that you need to do every time, even when you have a walk signal. Be especially wary of turning cars; although drivers are required by Georgia law to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, in practice this rule isn’t always strictly followed.

Guidelines for Drivers to Follow

Breaking a traffic law that results in a pedestrian accident could land you in serious legal trouble. You can take precautions when you’re behind the wheel as well that will mitigate the chances of an accident and potentially save someone’s life.

So many drivers on the road don’t give a second thought to pedestrians; don’t be one of them. You should always be aware that they can appear suddenly and with little to no warning.

Follow the Georgia laws requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Yes, it may take a few extra seconds out of your day, but if you don’t it could potentially take someone’s life.

If a light is about to turn red and traffic is too heavy for you to make it through the intersection, wait and don’t stop in the middle of an intersection or crosswalk. This forces pedestrians to stray from the crosswalk and dangerously weave between vehicles in order to cross.