McAleer Law Reaches $4M Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

The McAleer Law firm secures another win in the fight to help those who have been killed or injured and suffering life-altering injuries caused by someone else’s neglect or carelessness.

Thanks to the dedication of the McAleer Law firm, Florida Handling Systems has settled for $4 million with the family of a man who was crushed by a five-ton crane after it fell in the industrial accident. The crane had been deemed safe just a few short months before the incident by a designated company inspector. Charles McAleer is quoted as saying “Florida Handling’s a good company; they just made a mistake.”

The investigation revealed that Two State bought the crane, then hired Florida Handling to inspect and correct anything that was not up to regulatory standards. The inspector made five visits to the facility within a 24-hour period while inspecting the crane and replacing key elements. However, the inspector had missed a vital safety feature, the drop lugs. Drop lugs are designed to hold the crane on the beam, if it comes off its track.

The drop lugs were a safety feature regulation that was added after the original manufacture date of the crane. Therefore, the crane should have been retrofitted once the inspection revealed they were missing. And it was Florida Handling’s responsibility to know all regulations and to follow through when necessary.

McAleer, along with Pete Law and Christopher Newbern of Law & Moran helped represent the distraught family in this case. They believe this was a learning experience for Florida Handling. Fortunately, their insurance company acknowledged the mistake and paid the claim.

Cases like these happen every day to regular people. Once you have encountered a serious personal injury, you could find yourself wondering how you will support yourself and your family now and going forward as you may be limited, if you can work at all.

You will need an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight to get you the full and fair compensation you are entitled to. If you can’t work, or can no longer make the income you were making before the accident, you will need enough money to compensate for that loss of income. That’s where McAleer Law can help!

McAleer Law has a proven track record for recovering millions of dollars for their clients. They do this through the thorough understanding of accident law, their dedication, perseverance and compassion for their clients. McAleer Law can assist you with:

  • Recouping lost wages
  • Paying your medical expenses
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Restoring your quality of life
  • Help for dealing with psychological injury
  • And much more!

If you or someone you love or if you are a caregiver for someone who has suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, contact McAleer Law for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

An experienced attorney will sit with you and give you the personal attention you deserve from start to finish, regardless of the size and complexity of your case. Additionally, your attorney will handle other legal issues that affect your future as well, such as: workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability and any other civil litigation issues.

Call McAleer Law today and let us fight for your rights and help get you back on the road to a better tomorrow!

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