Recovering after a Georgia Distracted Driving Accident

With everyone glued to their devices more than ever, it’s no surprise that distracted driving accidents are on the rise. Even though many cars have hands-free answering mechanisms or navigation systems, accidents can still happen when drivers get distracted at a red light to check a text message or make a call. When these accidents happen, they can often be devastating. Those responsible for a distracted driving accident can be held accountable for their actions through a Georgia personal injury lawsuit.

In a recent Georgia news report, a serious crash occurred involving distracted driving. Evidently, the driver of a tractor-trailer crashed into the victim’s car inside a roundabout, causing both vehicles to slide into a nearby ditch. In the ditch, the tractor-trailer rolled on top of the victim’s car, and a rescue team had to remove the driver from her car. After being pulled out from roughly 20 feet down a hill, the victim was transported to a local hospital. Following the accident, the tractor-trailer driver admitted to investigators that he was using his cell phone and didn’t realize he was entering a roundabout intersection.

In Georgia, a new distracted driving law called the “Hands-Free Georgia Act” was passed in 2018 to curb rates of distracted driving accidents. Although it was illegal to text and drive in Georgia before the passing of this law, the Act now makes it illegal to use a mobile device while driving, unless you have a hands-free or Bluetooth system installed in your vehicle.

Cell phones, text messaging devices, personal digital assistants, or GPS systems all fall under the Act’s scope. In addition, based on language in the Act, it appears that a driver would be allowed to use their phone if they dial a phone number while the phone is propped up on a mount or in a cupholder but not directly in their hand. The rules, however, are stricter for commercial vehicle drivers. Drivers of commercial vehicles are absolutely barred from pushing more than a single button to begin or end voice communication regardless of whether they are physically holding their mobile device.

Distracted driving can often have devastating consequences. Those injured in a distracted driving accident are advised to retain an experienced personal injury attorney who can help them effectively prepare and bring their claim. Because the legal system can often be confusing and complex, it is crucial that accident victims work with an attorney who has extensive experience and understanding of the laws that govern these claims.

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