Summer Safety: What to do if Your Child Has Been Injured at Day Care or Summer Camp

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about summer camp. It’s important to find a camp for your children that has a low record of injuries, especially head injuries and broken bones. With some good research, you’ll be able to locate the safest daycare or summer camp in your area, and hopefully avoid a daycare injury or summer camp injury.

Typical Accidents that Cause Injury at Daycare

Children love to play, and it is wonderful when you find a summer camp that offers plenty of outdoor time for your children. Problems occur when children fall from play structures, collide with other children, or get hurt trying to ride toys that they can’t handle. While most injuries are minor, falling from a play structure can cause spinal cord injuries, head injuries and broken bones. Accidents will happen, but if you learn that your child was not properly supervised, it may be time to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who specializes in daycare injuries.

When Your Child Has Suffered a Summer Camp Injury

If your child suffers a summer camp injury, it’s important that you receive all accident reports from the incident. If you read the accident reports and you still have questions, you have the right to question staff who witnessed the injury occur. While supervision requirements vary by state, if your child was not being supervised properly and they were injured because of it, you may have a viable personal injury lawsuit to file.

As you focus on treatment for your child, make sure that you listen carefully to any suggestions made by treating physicians. When your child has been injured, it’s important to document all of their care and follow through with recommendations made by providers. You will need to prove that you are following through with treatment, and giving your child the best chance of recovery as possible. If you don’t follow through with appointments, it will appear as if your child is not as injured as you are claiming, which will damage your case.

If Your Child Has Suffered a Summer Camp or Daycare Injury, McAleer Law Can Help

Head injuries and spinal cord injuries can be severe, and if your child has been injured while at summer camp, you will need to find a qualified personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. Your child may have permanent problems because of their injuries, and the care required to manage their symptoms can be extensive. If your child has suffered a serious injury while in the care of a daycare or camp, give our office a call so that we can assess your case. Together we will come up with a plan to ensure that the future needs of your child are met.