SWAT Grenade Severely Injures Toddler, But County Refuses to Pay

The night of May 28, SWAT officers entered a Habersham County home. They’d received a tip about drug-activity at the house. Issued a no-knock warrant, the officers opted for the method of surprise. They burst through the door and threw a flash grenade into the house, hoping to stun and temporarily disable suspects. The grenade landed, exploding in the crib of 19-month old Bounkham Phonesavanh.  The SWAT invasion proved futile and tragic. There were no suspects and no drugs in the home.

The Phonesavanh family are not Atlanta natives. They are from Wisconsin and temporarily staying with family. Because the grenade landed directly in the baby’s crib, the incident left Baby Bou Bou, as he is fondly known, with an injured brain, collapsed lung, and disfigured face. Hearing of the child’s injuries, the Habersham county sheriff told news sources the police department would accept liability for coverage of the boy’s injuries.

Fast forward three months later, and Baby Bou Bou’s condition has greatly improved. However, his medical bills are rising exponentially and approaching $800,000. The Habersham County Board of Commissioners declared that they don’t intend on paying medical expenses. While they are fully responsible for the boy’s injuries, they did not give reasons why they are neglecting accountability.

It is yet to be determined if the Phonesavanh family intends to press charges.

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