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According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, individuals are involved in car accidents every minute, and 5.25 million driving accidents occur annually. You may be innocent of causing an accident but are involved in one nonetheless. Does every car accident require involved parties to hire a lawyer? Find out when a lawyer can make a difference in your car accident case.

Where Does Your Situation Land?

Property Damage- Generally speaking, if the accident only involved damage to your vehicle and personal effects and does not involve personal injuries, you will not require the assistance of a legal representative. The opposing insurance adjuster will come to a settlement with you. You are entitled to:

On the New Jersey Turnpike in the early morning hours of June 7, 2014, a truck driven by a Wal-Mart employee rear-ended a limousine bus that was carrying famous actor and comedian Tracey Morgan and four other passengers. As a result of the accident, James McNair, a fellow comedian and friend of Tracey Morgan that was on the limousine bus, was killed. Tracey Morgan sustained multiple injuries including broken ribs, a broken nose and a broken leg.
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