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Those who have been injured because of a car accident may be entitled to two forms of damages. A client can recover economic or general damages and non-economic, also known as special, damages. These damages compose two avenues for compensation in the average case. Each aggravation should be separated and addressed within the appropriate category. Your Atlanta personal injury attorneys, McAleer Law, can help clarify the difference between economic and non-economic damages and how both can figure into your case.

How Can One Accident Fall Into Multiple Categories?

Victims suffer damages that can be both financial and physically debilitating. When compensation is sought, an experienced lawyer should categorize the type of damage inflicted to put forth a case that will ensure clients receive all that they are entitled to by law .

As an adult, you’re faced with decisions ever single day. Some decisions have small impacts, like what to have to for lunch, while others have much larger impacts, like whether you’re okay to drive after a few drinks. In the United States, there is a death every 51 minutes due to someone driving while under the influence. If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, this should be a decision that is a no-brainer. Don’t drink and drive or you’ll face serious consequences that not only affect you, but your loved ones and other drivers on the road. In addition to putting yourself and others in risk of serious injury, there are several other ways that being convicted of a DUI will affect your future. Read on to learn more.

7 Ways a DUI Will Seriously Impact Your Life

1. If you have a DUI conviction on your record, it stays. Even after completing the terms of probation or a jail sentence, a DUI conviction will continue to be on your record.

With summer fast approaching, the amusement parks are bustling with activity. While the rides are exciting and fun, if you have been injured at White Water over Georgia and you need an Atlanta amusement park injury lawyer, we have the experience you need to win your case.
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After an accident occurs, it is unlikely that the first thing on your mind will be filing a personal injury claim or speaking with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. Instead, you are worried about your injuries, finding the right doctor and getting your life back to normal. While you do have a little time to focus on those things, it is important to get your personal injury claim started before the statute of limitations has passed.
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