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Daycare abuse is a parent’s worst nightmare, and many of us just can’t believe that our trusted daycare providers could ever harm our children. Still, you should be aware of the signs that your child is a victim of daycare abuse so that you can best protect your child.
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As parents, we want to protect our children from all harm. We put our trust in daycare providers and hope that our trust is not misplaced. Then, one day, your child comes home from daycare with an injury. You worry if this a sign of daycare abuse. Injuries are common among children, but how can you know what is a normal injury versus an abusive injury?
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A few inches of snow might signal a typical winter day in some states, but in the temperate South, a few flurries can wreak havoc. This was the case in Atlanta on Jan. 28, as citizens quickly realized the seemingly harmless snowfall was anything but. Thousands of people left work early and fled to their cars in an attempt to make it home before the light snowfall turned the roads into perilous paths of ice. The mass exodus of drivers simultaneously fleeing the city combined with the dangerous conditions caused disastrous traffic jams and more than 1,000 accidents.

Now that the disaster has ended, we can reflect back on the legality of the matter. Amid the praises of relief and gratitude expressed towards the kind souls who helped their fellow citizens during the catastrophe, there were also several cries of outrage. Many employees were enraged that companies didn’t think to close their offices, with some even blaming their employers for accidents they got into on their way home. This predicament raises the question: Can employers be held liable if employees get in weather-related accidents driving to or from work?

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An estimated 2 million attacks occur each year with only 800,000 documented. While some breeds have the tendency for more aggression than others, animal attacks can happen anywhere, anytime. Sadly, many victims are under 10 years of age and dog bites alone make up for most child emergency room visits due to an animal attack.

Further, most dog bite attacks happen at a residence or in a neighborhood. In many cases, the dog owner’s insurance may be used to cover monetary damages such as hospital bills and pain and suffering. This allows a victim to seek justice against an insurance company rather than the close friend or neighbor that owns the animal.

In general, a dog with no prior bites or attacks will not be held responsible. The “one bite” rule is rooted in the law of foreseeability, meaning the owner had no way of foreseeing the attack, because one had never happened in the past. However, when a dog owner violates a local ordinance regarding animal control, such as not having her dog on a leash, the owner may be found negligent by failing to follow a safety ordinance- even when there is no evidence of a prior bite.   Many insurance companies and rental agencies already ban certain types of dogs, like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers.

According to the Insurance Journal, an estimated 2,500 daycare programs in Georgia have failed to meet the state’s standards for children’s health and safety at least once in the past four years.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution also investigated Georgia’s daycare programs. The report found that 220 daycares received a failing score for at least two years in a row, and at least 200 of those day cares are still open.

One facility in Marietta encountered 191 violations in the last four years, including starving a child and releasing a child to the wrong parent, who happened to be blind. Unfortunately, some daycare facilities in Georgia are so neglectful that children experience severe injury or even death.