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Slip-and-fall accidents can occur in almost any setting, but they occur far more commonly in the winter months where ice forms on the ground. Parking lots and sidewalks are often the site of accidents that cause traumatic injuries to unsuspecting individuals when ice is on the ground.

An important question that must be asked when someone slips and falls on ice is who can be considered liable. Particularly, when such a fall happens in the work place. Consulting an Atlanta accident injury lawyer would be wise if you find yourself injured after slipping on ice.
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When property owners become neglectful, they can unknowingly create a dangerous situation. “Slip and fall” accidents can happen anywhere. Falls that occur inside could be the result of bad flooring, wet walkways, poorly lit steps, or hidden defects. Icy patches, cracks in the sidewalk, weather-related conditions, and potholes are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents outdoors.

Fortunately, falls often result in minor injuries that heal quickly. However, slip and fall accidents have caused severe, debilitating problems, including head, brain, and spinal cord injury, herniated disc, bone fractures or breaks, and sprains. The neck, shoulder, and knee are also major areas prone to injury during a fall.

Property owners with dangerous conditions on their premises may be liable for accidents if they are aware of the conditions and take no action to fix them. The most common conditions attributed to owner negligence include: