Things to Consider when Choosing your Child’s Daycare


Choosing your child’s day care program can be frustrating, scary, and exhausting for both you and your child. How can you know that a trusted adult is watching over the children at all times? And for a child with food allergies, was the lunch meal double-checked to make sure no peanuts were present? The constant fear of bullying may also be present.Daycare injuries are not all that uncommon, and if the daycare program has been negligent in caring for their pint-sized clients, they may be held responsible. No one wants to see a child hurt, but if the unfortunate occurs, there may be a legal remedy for the family. In the search to find a place where you know your child will be out of harm’s way, there are several tips to remember:

  • Consider your child’s temperament and health needs. For a child who requires special attention, a day care program that has enough staff to provide for these needs will be better.
  • Ask about the discipline policy. Although a tough question, it is important to see how your child will be treated if and when they make a mistake.
  • Examine the food options. Is nutritional food offered? Does the daycare serve pizza for lunch? Are food allergies considered in meals? You want to ensure your child’s health is always the number one priority.
  • Ensure the daycare program is state licensed or certified. States will require the daycare staff to undergo specific training in order to receive these credentials, making the ones who have certification a better option.
  • Look for a well-trained staff that enjoys childcare. Employees that love children will offer a much happier atmosphere for your child.
  • Plan in advance and compare many options before making a decision. Give yourself time to prepare to avoid last minute mistakes.

If an injury does occur in your program, and the daycare staff did not perform their responsibilities correctly, you may be entitled to compensation. Know your rights before choosing your daycare and act quickly in the event of an accident.

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