Tips To Prevent Accidents at Home This Winter

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys know that winter is one of the most common times for accidents to occur in your home. You are using your heating appliances more often, and the wet and icy weather makes for slippery conditions indoors and out. It is best to be prepared and protected to prevent accidents from occurring.

Check Your Heaters and Fuel-Burning Appliances

Before the winter weather hits, have your heating equipment and fuel-burning appliances checked by a professional. This annual inspection can ensure that everything is working properly before you need to heat your home. Be aware that portable space heaters, wood stoves and open fireplaces should not have any flammable materials (e.g. drapes, curtains, carpeting, cloth) nearby when they are in use.

Test Your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

There is no question that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. According to our Atlanta personal injury experts, most fires and carbon monoxide issues occur between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., when everyone is asleep. Before winter begins, change your batteries on these devices and test them to keep everyone in the house safe.

If It Ices

Here in Georgia, we do not get a lot of snow in the winter, but when the temperature dips below zero, we do get lots of ice. Homeowners can limit injuries on their property by liberally spreading rock salt or kitty litter on icy pathways. You should also be sure to clean up after any guests or family walking in with ice or snow on their feet, which can leave slippery puddles in your entryway.

Have an Appropriate Insurance Policy

The majority of homeowners and renters in Georgia are required to have insurance policies that cover damages should an accident occur. In our Atlanta personal injury firm’s experience, however, not all people have an adequate homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. If you are one of those people, make sure you get a policy before winter arrives.

Protect Yourself

While you certainly don’t want to be injured on your own property, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers note there is another reason why you should take steps to prevent accidents in your home and on your property: premises liability. Under this Georgia law, property owners can be held liable if their visitors are harmed due to a failure to maintain the property. An injured person may sue for compensation by filing an Atlanta personal injury claim against you, the responsible party.