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Vacation season is coming up, which means many will soon be getting a much-needed escape from the winter blues! But vacation time also presents plenty of opportunities for motor vehicle accidents, break-ins, identity theft, and assault. To avoid falling victim to any vehicular injuries or crimes this vacation season, read our four foolproof tips for staying safe while vacationing.

Drive safely

If you’re going on a road trip with family or friends, take precautions to ensure a safe drive to your destination. This includes sleeping well the night before, avoiding distractions on the road, and always keeping your seat belt buckled. In the event of an accident, remain calm and contact the local authorities to file a report. Read our blog post on safe travels for more cautionary tips.

Wayne County, MI: A 14-year old girl who was allegedly raped by Matt DeFillipo, a convicted felon who was working as ambulance attendant, has been awarded $12.5 million in settlement of her sexual assault lawsuit.

The girl, who was being transported between hospitals by Superior Ambulance, was reportedly assaulted while strapped to a gurny during the 50 minute ambulance ride from Harbor Oaks Hospital in Brownstown to Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore. The ambulance driver later reported the crime to a supervisor. It transpired that at the time of his being hired by Superior Ambulance, that Matt DeFillipo was a convicted felon.

The plaintiff alleged that Superior Ambulance was negligent in failing to properly screen its employees or provide appropriate training and supervision.